Industrial Battery Charger/ DC Rectifier


Industrial Battery Charger/ DC Rectifier

Almoayyed International LLC - UAE represents PMI-Elektrik ve Elektronik Industrail charger / DC Rectifier for UAE region.







The rectifier is SCR controlled AC/DC rectifier with input isolation transformer and with automatic constant voltage and constant current ability. It comes with 6 Pulse or 12 pulse design options depending on user requirements.


Standard Features:

• Adjustable Timer for Boost Charging

• Adjustable Boost and Float Charge Voltages

• Automatic Boost Charge Selection according to boost / float current set value

• Adjustable Rectifier Output Current and Battery Charge Current

• LCD Display for DC Load / Battery Voltage , DC Load / Battery Current , Input AC Voltage / Line Current / Frequency

• Event History for all Electrical values and failures

• Automatic and Manuel Battery Test

• Boost inhibit facility for interlock redundant application

• Output Filter Inductor and DC Longlife Capacitor

• Electronic Over / Under Voltage, Over Current and Short Circuit Protections

• Isolated Output by Input Transformer and output halleffect current module

• Parallel Redundant Operation

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• Boost and Float dropper control output for Ni-Cd and Lead Acid Battery